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Data Catalog Manual

The Data Catalog allows you to view and manage datasets, models, tables and other data that can be used in ThanoSQL.

Data Catalog page Overview

You can view catalogs by data catalog group. Select a catalog group, and use filters to search for only the data you want.


  • Data Catalog Groups

    • Public: The default catalog group provided by ThanoSQL

    • Organization: A group for managing data at the organization/workspace level

    • Workspace: The data catalog group for the user's workspace

    Organization and Workspace are services currently in preparation.

  • Filter: You can search and filter by catalog type, catalog name, and data name.

  • Details View: You can see detailed information for each data.

Data DetailView

It provides detailed information about the selected data, and the 'Import to Workspace' functionality allows you to import the data into your workspace.


Last update: 2024-05-29